The unseen advantage of building your own home in a plotted development.

For starters, you could actually build the whole house yourself. There are sustainable methods, and people who have built brilliantly smart homes. But that’s not what usually happens. What are the choices? In today’s market, you have multiple types of properties for sale in Bengaluru, from large luxurious and exorbitantly priced villaments, to matchbox sized affordable flats. So why would you buy a plot of land? Or rather, why should you buy a plot?

Customize, customize, customize.

If you like to make choices, and prefer to make things your own, getting stuck in an apartment, floors above or below similar floor plans, life can get mundane. The only choices you can make are probably curtains. At some places, they have even planned the furniture, leaving almost little or nothing significant for you to make your own.
Conversely and rightly so, when you own your own plot, the choices multiply. Want to build a Hobbit house straight out of Hobbiton, possible. Or maybe, you fancy a modern container home. Imagine the possibilities the future brings, especially when you own a plot of land in one of Bengaluru’s most premium plotted developments. At Royal Township, right from the 11 parks, which are uniquely designed for every family member, to the wide, well-lit roads and expertly designed pavements; the infrastructure is ready for you to build your dream home.

Fact is that some of the world’s best architects and designers will support the belief that apartments as a way of life can be restrictive. Studies show that they reduce your productivity, can impact lifespan, and also create havoc in the mind. Sure, this claim can be argued, but it doesn’t take a lot of reading between the lines to see the clear advantage.
But is customization the only reason? For the few who can afford customization or bespoke living, the choice is obvious. However, at Royale Township, no longer is royalty reserved for the few. Offering the best may be standard to many, but when you can build out your dream, why compromise with someone else profit plan.

Make this year the best year ever, and start the year with a decision that will go a long way. And in Bengaluru, the choice is clear. Go big, or pay the price. And that means that you need to secure a future that is all advantage. Start by investing in a plotted development that resonates your idea of community, your idea of life, and most importantly, your idea of what tomorrow will be.

A royal legacy, a royal future.

Royal Retreat Homes (P) Ltd., is built on the foundations of trusted leadership, total transparency, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Meaning, we leverage deep expertise in land banking, integrated real-estate development, and perfectly timed project developments to do one thing time and again – to master the art of creating and delivering a royal life.