Greatest Gift For The Next Generation – Land, Land, Land.

Let’s face it. The most valuable investment isn’t any riches, gold, material treasures or even life policies. As we head towards 2020, the most valuable possession is land. Some experts think there was never a better time to invest in land. With an explosion in population and good plots literally going extinct, land packages especially in gated communities will soon become the greatest investment, possession and gift, all at the same time. Yes, the future belongs to land owners!

In the current context, most land purchases are perceived to be long-term investments where the investor continues to stay in an apartment instead of immediately building a home for themselves on their newly purchased land. The value of land is often reduced to a fast-moving consumer commodity easily bought and sold like an object devoid of meaning and purpose. Many others use land to bail out of financial problems by pawning their ancestral lands away. This gives apartment builders the unfair opportunity to construct more and more apartments, leading to loss of open spaces and a downer in quality of life.

The value of a good developable land especially in a city like Bengaluru, is inexplicable. It’s futile to argue with those who think the city is doomed and is losing its value due to traffic, pollution, population, and the upcoming water shortage. The good news is, Bengaluru is here to stay for a long time to come. Having earned the reputation of being India’s tech and startup capital, Bengaluru has made a permanent mark for itself in the global scheme of things. In the near future, Bengaluru will be forced to grow bigger wings and take off to being India’s most important city, both culturally and economically.

Bengaluru’s continued uproar will make owning a piece of land in the city among the most sensible and elite decisions in a lifetime. Plotted development projects have become the best investments in property. And when the land appreciation skyrockets, the world will witness in awe a phenomenon. This expected turn of events will bring foreign investors looking for land in the city of a billion dreams. That day isn’t far when the quaint, good old citizens of Bengaluru will be measured by their land ownership.

The next generation won’t value an old apartment handed down as a legacy. Instead, they will value land within a community where they can build a life in their own terms. The next generation will cut to the chase and only value what’s worthy of true respect. Think about the grandeur of passing down a land to your next generation as opposed to passing down a key to an apartment. The best plotted development projects like Royale Township will help every homebuyer achieve this lofty dream.

A royal legacy, a royal future.

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