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5 Reasons to choose Royale Township; villa plots in north Bangalore.

We at Royal Retreat Homes (P) Ltd. homes come with an expertise of over 25+ years in the real estate industry. The company is built on the foundations of trusted leadership, total transparency, and an unwavering commitment to excellence

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Why invest in land: a lot more than 4 compelling reasons

Now more than ever, the urban consumer is looking to make large format investments, and rightly so. With the growing IT-ITES industry, a new wave of high-net worth individuals, highly skilled labour, and well-paid careers are making Bengaluru

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Move up to a Royal Future at Royale Township Bangalore

In the hustle bustle of our urban, fast paced life, we often forget to take a break. Home is a place to relax and let go. It is your humble board to live like a king. We know how much you hate your cramped up apartment in Bangalore city.

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The Future Isn’t Designed For Pigeons

The fantastic surge of population mingled with demand for real estate space has turned India into a unique country with a unique situation.

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The Great Indian Rat Race

The famous Indian rat race is a renowned life sport that verily ends with the racers finding their patch of land they can finally call their own.

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50% Open Space, 100% Life

We are children of open skies. We were born of the open. Openness is our second nature. Children of the wild, tamers of nature, we are highly

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Greatest Gift For The Next Generation – Land, Land, Land.

The most valuable investment isn’t any riches, gold, material treasures or even life policies. As we head towards 2020, the most valuable possession is land.

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The unseen advantage of building your own home in a plotted development.

For starters, you could actually build the whole house yourself. There are sustainable methods, and people who have built brilliantly smart homes.

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A royal legacy, a royal future.

Royal Retreat Homes (P) Ltd., is built on the foundations of trusted leadership, total transparency, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Meaning, we leverage deep expertise in land banking, integrated real-estate development, and perfectly timed project developments to do one thing time and again – to master the art of creating and delivering a royal life.